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Scuba Courses

Raul Villaplana is a Scuba Diving Instructor PADI from Spain. He is Bachelor's in Sports Science and has more than ten years of experience in the field, besides diving, he practice other outdoor sports like climbing or skydiving. 

Certifications that Raul hold and teach:

  • Open Water Scuba Instructor

  • EFR Instructor

  • Wreck Instructor

  • Enriched Air Instructor

  • Deep Instructor

  • AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Sp Instructor

  • PADI AWARE Instructor

  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor

  • Care for Children w/AED Instructor

  • Emergency Oxygen Provider

Raul has worked as a diver Instructor in Panama (Pacific and Caribbean), Cyprus (Zenobia Wreck), Jordan (Red Sea), Spain (Mediterranean), Mexico (Los Cabos), and currently, he is in Los Angeles. With him, you will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to enjoy the underwater world to the fullest.


Raul Villaplana is also a FAA Comercial Pilot and Flight Instructor, find him on the sky or underwater! 

Find him on Instagram: @sr_villaplana 

All the courses and experiences are suitable for those over the age of 12, scuba diving certification provides those with a sense of adventure and love for the ocean the opportunity to explore the wonders of the seas.



Discover Scuba Diving


Have you always wondered what it's like to breathe underwater? If you want to try scuba diving DSD  is a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world.  

What you'll learn and the procedures

You learn the basic safety guidelines and skills needed to dive under the direct supervision of an Open Water Scuba Instructor.

  • You will be briefed on the scuba equipment and safety procedures.

  • In shallow water you will learn the basic technics: breath through the regulator, equalize the ears and remove the water from the mask. 

  • Once you feel comfortable, we will dive around a nice area with a lot of fishes and kelp forest, up to 30ft deep




  • Good health condition.

  • Older than 12 years

  • Feel comfortable in the water, not necessarily knowing how to swim.

Activity details​​

The location will be conducted in Catalina Island.


Scuba Diver Certification

The PADI Scuba Diver course is a subset of the PADI Open Water Diver course. If you're short on time but really want to become a diver, the PADI Scuba Diver rating might be right for you ̶particularly if you expect to go scuba diving primarily with a dive guide. This course is an intermediate step for earning an Open Water Diver certification if that's your ultimate goal.

PADI Scuba Divers are qualified to

  • Dive under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional to a maximum depth of 12 meters/40 feet.

  • Obtain air fills, rent or purchase scuba equipment, and participate in dive activities as long as properly supervised.

  • Continue dive training by completing the PADI Open Water Diver certification and taking certain specialty diver courses.


  • Good health condition.

  • Older than 12 years

  • No prior experience required

  • Feel comfortable in the water, not necessarily knowing how to swim.


The PADI Scuba Diver course consists of three main phases:

  • Knowledge Development to understand basic principles of scuba diving - just the first three of five sections of the Open Water Diver course.

  • Confined Water Dives to learn basic scuba skills - just the first three of five dives of the Open Water Diver course

  • Open Water Dives to use your skills and explore - just two of four dives of the Open Water Diver course.


Open Water Certification

The Open Water Dive Course is a lifetime certification, it is the most widely recognized scuba course in the world.  Millions of people all over the world have learned to scuba dive and discovered the wonders of oceans, lakes and rivers.

To enroll in the Open Water Diver course (or Junior Open Water Diver course), you must be 12 years old or older. You must be able to swim comfortably and confidently in the open ocean, as well as be in good physical health. No prior experience with scuba diving is necessary, but an interest in exploring the water is definitely required!

What will you learn

  • Basic principles of scuba diving

  • How to use basic scuba gear

  • Moving in the water with ease

  • Breathing normally underwater

  • Controlling buoyancy so you neither descent nor ascend

  • The easiest ways to enter and exit the water

  • Getting water out of your mask, or mask clearing

  • Knowledge Development to understand the basic principles of scuba diving

  • Confined waters dive, to learn basic scuba skills

  • Open water dives to use your skills and explore!

Your class includes

  • The knowledge Development book 

  • Confined Water Dives.

  • 4 Open Water Dives.

  • Rental of all scuba gear for all of the required dives

  • Certification card

  • Insurance.


It takes two weekends to complete the diving portion of this course.

The above-mentioned course reflects proven time requirements to finish the course. Occasionally, a student may require additional time to work with the instructor in order to become certified. In these cases, an additional fee will apply to cover charges not covered by the initial course fee.


Advanced Open Water Diver

That’s what the Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about. You don’t have to be “advanced” to take it – it’s designed to advance your diving, so you can start right after earning your Open Water Diver certification. The course helps build confidence and expand your scuba skills through different types of dives.  The dives you log help develop capabilities as you find new ways to have fun scuba diving.

Who should take this course?

Any Open Water Diver who is at least 12 years of age and ready to step up to a higher level of learning may enroll in the Advanced Open Water Diver course.

What will you learn

You’ll plan your learning path with your instructor by choosing from a list of dives. There are two required dives – Deep and Underwater Navigation – you and your instructor choose the other three, for a total of five dives.

Your Class Includes:

  • Advance Open Water manual; You study at home on your own time, prior to arriving for your dives

  • 5 dives with one of our Dive Instructors

  • Rental of all scuba gear for all of the required dives

  • Certification Card

Please allow 2 days to complete this course.


PADI Rescue Diver Course

The Rescue Diver course has been described as the most challenging, yet most rewarding, scuba diving course available.  You will learn to prevent and manage problems in the water, and become more confident in your skills as a diver.  The course prepares you to deal with emergencies that you might encounter while diving.  You will learn what to look for and how to respond quickly. You will learn to become a better buddy by practicing problem-solving skills until they become second nature.

Who should take this course?

Any Advanced Open Water dives who is at least 12 years old can enroll in a Rescue Diver course. You also need to have taken and passed CPR and First Aid training within the past 12 months.   You can also choose to complete this training during the Rescue Diver course.

What will you learn?

  • Self-rescue

  • Recognizing and managing stress in other divers

  • Emergency management and equipment

  • Rescuing panicked divers

  • Rescuing unresponsive divers

What scuba gear will you use?

  • You will use basic scuba equipment

  • You will need a pocket mask to practice in-water resuscitation

  • Your Instructor will explain the equipment that you need and may suggest additional gear, such as your own first-aid kit

Your class includes

  • Rescue Diver manual; you study at home on your own time, prior to arriving for your dives

  • Complete instruction with a Dive Instructor.

  • All in and out of water rescue scenarios

  • Certification card

Please allow 3 days to complete the course.



PADI Divemaster Course

Divemasters are looked upon by other scuba divers as leaders who motivate, and mentor, others. 


The Divemaster course is the initial level of professional training.  During the course, you will work closely with the Dive Instructor and fine-tune your dive skills.  You will gain confidence and knowledge so you can become a role model to divers everywhere you dive.

Once you complete the Divemaster Course, you will have the knowledge to supervise scuba diving activities and assist with diver training. Divemaster Certification can open up many opportunities if you wish to work abroad at a dive destination, or close to home at your local dive shop.

What will you learn

The Divemaster course teaches you to take charge of dive activities, and be a leader in the dive community.  You will learn the skills necessary to organize and direct all kinds of scuba diving activities.  Topics and practical workshops include:

  • The role and characteristics of the  Divemaster

  • Supervising dive activities and assisting with student divers

  • Diver safety and risk management

  • Divemaster conducted programs and specialized skills

  • The business of diving and your career

  • Awareness of the dive environment

  • Dive setup and management

  • Mapping an open water site

  • Conducting dive briefings

  • Organizing a search and recovery project and a deep dive

  • Conducting a scuba review and skin diver course

  • Assisting with Discover Scuba Diving and leading Discover Local Diving programs


  • Rescue Diver certification

  • 18 years of age

  • CPR and First Aid training within the past 12 months

  • A medical statement signed by a physician within the last 12 months

  • At least 40 logged dives to begin the course, and 60 logged dives to earn certification

Your class includes

  • Divemaster manual; you study at home on your own time, prior to arriving for your dives.

  • Complete instruction with the Dive Instructor.

  • Certification card.

Please call 213 577-5215 for information.

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